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Davines Energizing Shampoo

Davines Energizing Shampoo

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Stimulating and regenerating shampoo for scalp and fragile hair, prone to falling out. The hair receives a gently cleanse for a pleasant sensation of energy and vitality.The new formula is enriched with HAIR ENERGY COMPLEX with a rebalancing effect and hydrating action on the hair surface.

Paraben and sulfates free


How to use:

Gently massage the product onto damp hair, leave for a few minutes then rinse. Repeat the application, if necessary.

Intense treatment: every other day for 1 month.
Maintenance treatment: Twice a week for 2 months.
Alternate with Renewing Shampoo.


Product Sizes:

250 ml


Natural Active Ingredients:

  • Caffeine phytoceuticals - stimulate the cellular methabolism and improve blood circulation;
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