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OLAPLEX N 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment 155ml

OLAPLEX N 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment 155ml

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Olaplex Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment No. 0

The Olaplex No.0 intensive bond makes your hair stronger and improves the entire condition of your hair. The Olaplex No.3 hair perfector also ensures improved shine, structure and softness of your hair. No.0 serves as a home treatment, as you can use No.0 as a primer prior to your other Olaplex products. The product is used in combination with Olaplex No.3 as an extra pre-treatment to improve the condition of your hair even more. Your hair is up to 68% more restored and up to 3x stronger after using both products! Enjoy beautiful healthy hair thanks to the Olaplex Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment No.0. Olaplex is seen as the biggest technological breakthrough for these hair problems in the cosmetic industry in years. The formula is praised with titles such as "

Instructions for use of the Olaplex No.0

Step 1: Apply the Olaplex No.0 to dry hair and distribute it well. Step 2: leave this on for 10 minutes and do not rinse. Step 3: Then apply the Olaplex No.3 in your hair. Step 4: Let this also soak for 10 minutes. Step 5: Then rinse it out well. Step 6: Then wash your hair with the Olaplex No.4 Shampoo and the Olaplex No.5 Conditioner .

Result after using the Olaplex No.0 

After using the Olaplex No.0, your damaged hair will be restored and your hair will shine again. Use the kit once a week. Is your hair badly damaged? Then it is also possible 2 to 3 times a week.

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